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«Mango Force»
Do you like mangoes? Then we recommend this program for deep cleansing and moisturizing of the skin! "Mango" professional cosmetics will make your skin velvety, and the enchanting aroma of exotic fruit will raise your spirits.

You will have a "Mango" body scrub and a "King Mango" body oil massage. And finally – ginger tea, so that you are filled with vital energy
1600 lei
120 min
1600 lei
120 min
Everyone knows that chocolate creates a good mood. And in the process of a complex procedure, it will rejuvenate the skin. Applying a chocolate scrub with apricot kernels to the steamy skin of the body will cleanse it.

Then chocolate wrapping awaits you, which perfectly shapes the silhouette. The body oil massage will make you even more beautiful and rested, and the spicy aroma of ginger tea will enhance the positive emotions
«Chocolate Wonder»
«Coffee Delight»
Coffee lovers will be delighted by the SPA procedure "Coffee Delight". You will enjoy a freshly ground and prepared coffee body scrub.

Caffeine works wonders: it increases blood flow, releases toxins and has a lifting effect. Next – natural whipping cream, relaxing scalp massage, body massage with coconut oil and, of course, delicious ginger tea.
1600 lei
120 min
Summer, the sea, the white sand and the sweet aroma of coconut – offer yourself these delicacies by opting for the "Bounty" SPA procedure. This treatment option is suitable for people with dry skin.

"Cocos" paraffin cream, used for packaging, will improve the functioning of the circulatory system, lymphatic flow, will free the skin from wrinkles and will give it shine. And the aromatic massage with coconut oil will relax, energize the body and prevent skin aging.
1400 lei
120 min
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