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Royal Thai SPA
Exclusive SPA-salon in Moldova
Daily from 10:00 to 22:00
6 reasons to visit the SPA-salon Royal Thai SPA
Rich assortment
An impressive range of massages to choose from classic Thai and Balinese massages to herbal bags and hot stone massages + an extensive SPA menu for all tastes.
Descendant masters
The highly skilled masters of Thai and Balinese massage know the deep secrets of the trade. Descendant masters have brought authentic massage traditions - something that has been passed down from generation to generation and carefully preserved for centuries
Authentic setting
The authentic oriental setting with all its attributes and accessories completely immerses you in the world of refined bliss and relaxation, having a beneficial effect not only on the body, but also on the mind and spirit.
Loyal visitors receive gifts, discounts, bonuses, participate in various promotions at the SPA- salon Royal Thai SPA.
Health benefits
Definitely beneficial for your health, Thai massage renews all systems and organs, has a very beneficial effect on well-being and mood.
Exclusive programs
Exclusive programs designed specifically for wellness, stress relief, stress reduction and body shaping.
Massage manages to free your body, spirit and mind, cleanses them, fills them with energy and power. That is why Thai and Balinese massage is highly valued all over the world as a unique means not only for relaxation, but also for renewal.

The master not only massages and warms your body, but also acts on energetically active points, restoring your vitality.
Why Thai massage is good for your health:
It stimulates the metabolism, eliminates toxins and impurities, improves the functioning of the lymphatic and excretory systems.
Thai massage really improves personal life - awakens sexual energy, improves libido, strengthens male strength, increases female sexuality.
It increases immunity, helps fight stress (which causes a lot of diseases), relieves psycho-emotional stress, relieves headaches, strengthens the body's resistance.
Balinese massage is very beneficial for the musculoskeletal system, spine, bones, joints and ligaments. It also works as a means of preventing such conditions.
It is an excellent alternative and a supplement to physical activity, because it works the whole body.
The massage activates the blood circulation, improves the tension in the muscles, restores their flexibility and elasticity.
After the first Thai or Balinese massage session already, visitors notice an obvious positive effect.

Amazing sensations of lightness throughout the body, calm and clarity of mind allow you to cope with the daily stress, inevitable in the frantic urban rhythm. But once you get into the gentle but strong hands of experienced masseuses from Thailand and Bali, all worries and anxieties are left behind.
Guaranteed gift from Royal Thai SPA Salon
You receive it after a few visits to the Royal Thai SPA and you can use it a full year, regardless of the procedures you are applying for.

And for those who prefer a royal service, we offer subscriptions to visit our SPA salon. Choose the right subscription for you right now or to give as a gift to someone!
Loyalty card with 10% discount
3 000 lei
+ 10 % BONUS
4 000 lei
+ 15 % BONUS
7 000 lei
+ 20 % BONUS
This card gives you access to the full range of services Royal Thai
10 000 lei
+ 25 % BONUS
This card gives you access to the full range of services Royal Thai
This card gives you access to the full range of services Royal Thai
This card gives you access to the full range of services Royal Thai
Here's what visitors say about Royal Thai SPA salon
I was really able to relax, and the sensation persisted for quite some time after the massage. Excellent professionals with gentle but strong hands.
A magical place where you want to return for a comfortable atmosphere, for a warm welcome, for relaxation, for body care by professionals in their field!
Super salon! Thanks for the wonderful hands! It's not the first time I've done procedures to you and I don't want to leave every time! Thank you for making us beautiful and confident!
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