Sauna + salt chamber

Sauna + salt chamber
The walls, covered with Himalayan salt, emit gentle light and create a pleasant atmosphere. The air, saturated with mineral elements, passes through your body, refreshing your spirit and promoting health. Negative ions emitted by the salt wall additionally improve your mood and enhance your health.
Take a deep breath and feel the lightness of the air saturated with mineral salt in the cozy and refined salt room. This little corner of paradise will improve your well-being, creating the perfect atmosphere for relaxation and rejuvenation.
Sauna + salt chamber
In the salt room, you can spend time meditating or practicing yoga, enjoying relaxing music. Let the salt penetrate your skin, enriching it with minerals and restoring its youth and beauty.
The salt room is an amazing place where you can relax, renew your body and mind, and enjoy the richness of minerals and the beauty of the surrounding environment. Take a deep breath and enjoy this magical world of health and beauty.
100 lei/pres.
30 min
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