SPA-programs for two/one person

SPA-programs for two/one person

The next step will be the moisturizing coffee-flavored paraffin mask wrap, followed by a body massage with aromatic oils and ending the SPA-procedure with a relaxing scalp massage.
Coffee lovers will be delighted by the "Coffee Delight" SPA procedure. For starters, you'll enjoy a body skin detox with a coffee scrub.
«Coffee Delight»
3000/1600 лей
120 мин
To start, your body skin will be cleansed and refreshed with a aromatic scrub, then you'll feel the warmth and pampering sensation of wrapping with a moisturising mask with chocolate aroma. The procedure is followed by a relaxing Thai massage with aromatic oils and relaxing tea.
Sweet oriental aromas, sensual music, the warmth of Thai masseuse hands and a dear person by your side.
«Chocolate Happiness»
3000/1600 lei
120 min
The highlight of the program is a relaxing massage with mango oil, followed by a tea ceremony. Procedures will refresh your skin as well as your relationships.
The SPA programme for two begins with a refreshing body scrub with a mango aroma scrub, followed by a moisturising mask that will smooth and soften the skin. After showering, you'll be ready for the culmination of the program, which is a relaxing 60-minute massage with sweet mango oil.
«Mango-flavored love»
3000/1600 lei
120 min
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